Grant Title: Expanding Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Networks CPESNs Outreach and Education
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NCPA Innovation Center
Alexandria, Virginia
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Pharmacy Management & Ownership
CPESN, Pharmacy Network, Mental Health First Aid
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Article | Video - CPESN for Payers | Mental Health First Aid - Pharmacy | Article | MHFA Pharmacy Cases | Press Release | MHFA Pharmacy Today Article

Following the success of Community Care of North Carolina CCNC utilizing a network of community pharmacies who offer enhanced pharmacy services to patients, there is substantial interest in the formation of similar enhanced services networks across the country. Already, CPESN-Iowa has officially launched with several additional networks in the late formation phase. The National Community Pharmacists Association NCPA and CCNC have come together to launch CPESN-USA, LLC. This new entity serves to unify the various regional CPESNs into a nationwide network of networks and centralizes some of the pharmacist education, quality assurance, and other administrative and operational processes while supporting the growth and success of the networks. These networks individually and as a whole promote the community pharmacists role in patient care and are providing and will continue to provide improved patient outcomes and a reduction in total health care spending for high-risk, high-cost, chronically ill patients. There are three objectives of this grant funding request, the first is to create a ten minute, voice-over animation of a TED Talk style presentation targeted to the value-payer community explaining the opportunity to engage community pharmacies as partners in improving health outcomes and lowering total health care costs. Secondly, we will develop a program to train staff members of pharmacies participating in enhanced services networks in mental health first aid. Finally, this funding will help us finalize and validate a patient voice survey that will be used to help gather quality assurance data from patients receiving enhanced services from network pharmacies.

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  • Applicant:
    Kevin Day
    NCPA Innovation Center

  • Team Member:
    Hannah Fish
    PharmD CPHQ
    National Community Pharmacists Association