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We are looking for the next great idea to advance the practice of pharmacy in the community setting.

CPF is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing community pharmacy practice and patient care delivery through grant funding and resource sharing.
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The Community Pharmacy Foundation is your source for grant and project funding to advance community pharmacy practice supporting the belief that 'Empowered Pharmacists Should be Acknowledged, Accountable and Rewarded!'
Thank you to the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) for awarding CPF with the H.A.B. Dunning Award at the annual meeting on March 17, 2018!

The award recognizes a manufacturer or organization for exemplary contributions to the profession. CPF was honored that the foundation's grants, resources and partnership projects were acknowledged in the selection criteria.  One example of a partnership grant with APhA and the National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations (NASPA) is the State Fact Sheets featured on the 'Pharmacists Provide Care' website.
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Thank you to the APhA Foundation for recognizing CPF contributions to the medication use process as the recipient of the Category III (Non-profit) Pinnacle Award which was presented on September 18, 2017! 

The Pinnacle Awards, established in 1998 by the APhA Foundation's Quality Center, celebrate significant contributions to the medication use process and Category III recognizes health organizations that assist patients and their caregivers in achieving better outcomes from their medications.

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Since Inception
Grants Awarded: 186
Funding for Grants & Projects: $8,843,730

Consider submitting a grant application as a community pharmacy practitioner or in collaboration with college of pharmacy faculty. Review and utilize the resources of CPF Grants and the Pharmacy Reference Library to enhance your knowledge of previously funded topics. CPF is interested in grants that highlight new and emerging patient care innovations that are financially sustainable, transferable, and replicable in community pharmacy practice. The 2018 Strategic Interests file has been updated with 'CPF At-a-Glance' for a visual summary of the CPF grant process.  Take a look!

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Changes to the Community Pharmacy Foundation (CPF) Board of Directors

APhA Foundation Incentive Grant Program receives boost from the Community Pharmacy Foundation

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