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Melissa Somma McGivney
Team Member(s)
Troy Trygstad, Sophia Cothrel, Kim Coley, Joni Carroll
Profession, Academics & Economics
Location: Pennsylvania
Community Pharmacy Practice Transformation Initiative Facilitating partnerships between Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Networks (CPESN) and Schools of Pharmacy
Resources: Website | Brochure | Article | Podcast | 
Blueprint | Article
In Study
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Hannah Renner
Team Member(s)
Joni Carroll, Kim Coley, Melissa Somma McGivney, Sarah Hunt, Meghan McLinden
Pharmacy Management & Ownership
Location: Pennsylvania
Evaluating a Prescription Dispensing Data Infographic to Facilitate Pharmacist-Prescriber Collaboration
Resources: CPF Synopsis | Poster | Collaboration Toolkit
Grant Complete
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William Doucette
Team Member(s)
Melissa Somma McGivney, Jennifer Bacci, Randy McDonough, Kim Coley, Christopher Daly, Stefanie Ferreri, Megan Smith
Medication Management, Safety & Quality
ACT Evaluating the Initial Year 1 Flip the Pharmacy and Establishing a Framework for Future Assessment In Study

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